Lives Shattered Again!

Shattered Lives, Mass Shootings, Murder

Why do we constantly witness hard-hearted determination to inflict horrendous pain on the lives of others for no legitimate reason? We are becoming way too familiar with mass shootings and massacres, not only in this country but around the world. Why do we continue to ask the question “why” every time something like the recent mass murders that occurred at The Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida over the weekend happens?

The heavily armed assailant who walked into that nightclub and opened fire on people who did not do anything to him has changed the lives of every victim (survivors and those who succumbed from their injuries), as well as the lives of anyone else connected to them. In addition, I want to extend my deep sadness for 22-year-old singer Christina Grimmie, the former contestant on NBC’s “The Voice” who was brutally murdered after a concert she just finished on Friday. What’s with the heavy artillery that we are finding out about in the aftermath of these heinous crimes as if we are in a war-torn region? Should we be alarmed by the common occurrences of bloodshed that hits late breaking news every single day and weakens our spirits and our psyche? Should we be furious? You damn right we should be.

What really pains me is to hear comments by individuals who are supposed to be so sanctimonious blurt out mean-spirited rhetoric that spews pure hatred and overt judgementalism. This type of talk basically shows how “these folks” are extremists as well. Whether or not you agree with someone’s lifestyle does not give you the license to viciously attack or fatally inflict harm on them, or their loved ones. Analysts, journalists, politicians and medical professionals continue to mull over the scientific, medical and environmental “why’s” of this type of brutality with no answer in sight. Or is there?

I just know that our hearts are heavy for the victims and their families, who face violent crimes, just as my family and friends have faced. It seems like instead of violence declining it is rapidly escalating. We have to stop talking about it and start doing something about it. The time is way overdue! Will this latest massacre change the tune of our conversations, or just get lost in the loop with the other violent tragedies that already occurred?


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