Foul Mouth…Freedom of Speech?

confrontation, freedom of speech, from behind the pen

How can a person’s mouth be so callous and foul, spewing out dehumanizing insults and not think their actions get by without serious consequences? How can an individual be so heartless and think they have the freedom to say whatever comes to their mind and not worry about the impact and destruction of their words? Is it supposed to evoke fear, humiliation or intimidation? Maybe they just don’t care.

How do they sleep? How do they live with themselves? Regardless of their billion-dollar net worth, whether their walls and trophy shelves contain an impressive display of academic degrees or other accolades, or if they hold high-powered positions in various institutions, where do they get off with belittling others with racist, sexist, and oppressive insults? Is it just because they have the freedom to do so? Can you say bully boys and girls? Is this a prerequisite to malice aforethought?

My mother used to say when I was growing up to be careful of the words I may hurl at someone else because once those words leave your mouth, no matter how much you try to apologize for them later, the damage has already been done…like a bomb hitting its target. Your brash words can destroy someone, including you. You can get your message across without intentionally degrading another human being if you can simply stop a moment before responding, and deliver it in such a way that will make the other person reflect, even if they are wrong.

Freedom of speech? Just because you have the freedom to speak whatever you want to, does it mean that you should?



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