Random Thoughts

Thinking, Poetry, Freedom, From Behind the pen

I am allowing my mind to simply reflect on the peace that surrounds me, as I watch this day unfold, without hesitation, in perfect harmony! Whatever my senses reveal, I will embrace those special moments with gratitude. Worry is not on my things to do list today and if it shows up, I will immediately strike it off. In the midst of so many unthinkable things that have occurred around the world recently, I invite the type of peace that surpasses all understanding, in MY world, this day. What an awesome gift!


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Knowing that we are not in charge of the world’s problems, and do not have to be, makes all the difference! Praying that Light will displace the darkness in our world.


  2. I concur! Sometimes you have to take a step to the side and breathe. You do what you can and trust that the love everyone is talking about, they will put into action. We have to remember that love will conquer the darkness…even when it looks like it’s not! You and I are eternal optimists and we won’t allow negativity to change that right? 😀


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