Who Doesn’t Love a Great Dessert?

Bakery, Pastries, From Behind the Pen, Pies

Ah, the magical essence of homemade pastries and pies! Growing up, having that sweet treat after dinner was the ultimate reward to complete your meal. I am on a quest, as I map out upcoming places to visit, to find a bakery, confectionery or dessert bar who bake their own fresh, pastries and/or pies every day.

Pies, Pastries, From Behind the Pen, Food, BakeryNo matter where you live, I’m looking for bakeries (preferably mom/pop establishments, sorry right now, no franchises who mass produce) who carry the BEST pastries or pies in your neck of the woods. So now’s the time to give your favorite sweet spot a shout-out. Where do you get your sweet tooth on?

Leave the name of your recommended bakery/pastry or pie shoppe and the city/state/providence/country where it is located. Also, leave the name of your favorite pastry or pie that you’ve eaten from this particular establishment, and tell me why you like that item. Is it the texture, combination of flavors, flakiness, portion size, price, etc.? I’m looking forward to hearing your recommendations!

Have a Sweet-a-licious Day!


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