Spread the News…New York turns 228!

New York, Statue of Liberty, Big Apple

When you hear these two words, “New York” what immediately comes to your mind? The Big Apple? Times Square? The Empire State Building? The Statue of Liberty? Ellis Island? Broadway? The food? Perhaps you think about the poetry spoken through this diverse cultural melting pot that embodies the state?

There’s no doubt that New York is indeed the mecca of entertainment and tourism in the U.S.A. On July 26, 1788, New York was granted it’s statehood. Millions of immigrants arrived in the New York harbor between 1892 and 1954, as they passed through Ellis Island. New York is one of the original thirteen colonies and it’s capital is Albany. The largest city, however, is New York City, a major international economic center. Known as the Empire State, New York’s motto is Excelsior (“Ever Upward”). HAPPY BIRTHDAY New York! Listen to this familiar oldie, but goodie from the legendary Frank Sinatra as he’s spreadin’ the news, as only he can do!


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