Clowning Around

clowns, jesters, festival of fools, international clown week

Image courtesy of Shari Weinsheimer

Clown, oh clown
jester, juggler, and crowd entertainer
is it possible to turn a smile into a frown
hiding sadness behind a coulrophobia claimer

oh clown, oh clown
makeup-clad face and gaudy clothing
exaggerated wigs and a big red nose
your disproportionate wackiness ever glowing

oh clown, dear clown
laughing day in and day out
always in character even when you’re down
who makes you happy when you want to pout?

If you suffer from coulrophobia, you probably want to avoid going anywhere near a clown, especially during International Clown Week. From August 1-7, clowns around the world will be celebrating the art of laughter and clowning. If you want further information on events for the week, go to

Be sure to check out The International Clown Hall of Fame and Research Center, located in Baraboo, Wisconsin, USA. This museum is dedicated to the preservation and advancement of clown art and achievement.


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