Of Course I’m Blue-tiful

Peacock, Poetry, Bird, Blue

Don’t hate me cause I’m Blue-tiful! Have a Blue-tiful day!


“Sir Peacock”

The peafowl, audacious and exquisite

iridescent emerald green and sapphire blue

the fairest of pheasants with a fan of covert wings

eye-spotted plumage like the train on a bridal gown

his strut, a slow, methodical and sexual dance

like a finely choreographed stage performance

a courtship ritual seducing the Penhen

his Mohawk crest royal and vibrant

like the breathtaking headdress of a tribal Chief

dripping with an air of sophistication and showmanship

his carefree piercing call belting out instinctively

illuminating the impeccable swagger of Sir Peacock.

-Kym Gordon Moore

Peafowl, Peacock, Iridescent Bird


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