Stuck in Time

stuck in a bottle, trapped, complacency, motivation

Image courtesy of George Hodan

I started typing this morning reflecting on a few conversations I heard recently that weighed on my mind-numbing thoughts. Let me ask you this question: Do you know of someone whose conversation remains the same every time you see them? You could literally predict each word they are getting ready to utter that will speak of times in the past they seem to never move away from. Their failure to move on leaves them stuck in the grimness of a time that has ceased to exist and remains in the past. Most of the time they try to rope you into this emotional trap. Now mind you, this is slightly different from reminiscing about people or events, which helps us to reflect on how the past can positively influence our present and future.

As I grow more mature and hopefully wiser in years, I try to expand my whole being by working to remain a relevant person of LIFE. I love nostalgia, love to reflect on my past, remembering the people, places, and events that shaped my life to become the person I am today. Some things I look back on and wish I could change. I do not possess, however, a time travel capsule where I can go back as depicted in Sci-Fi storylines and make those changes.

I am reminded every single day that as much as I relish memories of years gone by, I can’t get stuck there, for I shall become extinct like a dinosaur and irrelevant in my present moment. As crazy as life gets sometimes, I have to remain alert and pay attention to the now so that my conversation and my life can remain just as relevant, contributory and engaging to others as it is to me. We can’t put time in a bottle because it is impossible to place life on hold. That is the ever-evolving poetry of life.


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