BUSINESS SNAPSHOT – Neuromarketing: Sensually Stimulating Your Consumer’s Brain

11 Sep

neurmarketing, brain, human brain, Neuromarketing: Sensually Stimulating Your Consumer’s Brain
By Kym Gordon Moore

Does your advertising and marketing strategy connect emotionally to your audience? What makes your customers tick? Gone are the days of traditional suggestive selling tactics. You can no longer suggest an add-on purchase to a customer and expect them to impulsively pay for an additional product or service without merit.

Testing sensory responses help you learn what your audience wants in order to shape targeted ad campaigns for increased user engagement and growth. Even though there are scientific tests used to conduct and detect the electrical activity of the brain or through neuroimaging, the brain is ultimately driven by emotion.

Neuromarketing studies a consumer’s response to marketing stimuli. In terms of studying the depth of this emotional stimuli to shape ad campaigns, researchers may use technologies such as electroencephalography (EEG), steady-state topography (SST) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI). According to several studies on neuroscience, these technologies measure read more…

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