BUSINESS SNAPSHOT – Cognitive Computing Is Revolutionizing Supervised Learning

cognitive computing, business, supervised learning, data mining

Image courtesy of kai Stachowiak

Cognitive Computing Is Revolutionizing Supervised Learning
By Kym Gordon Moore

Does it seem like science fiction is rapidly materializing into reality? Is it possible that computers are simulating the thought process of humans more and more each day? Modern technology and artificial intelligence seem to be accelerating at a warp speed. The era of cognitive computing integrates self-learning systems that will mimic language and pattern recognition, imitating how the human brain operates.

Computing systems operating on pattern recognition, natural language processing, diagnosing problems, and increasing the speed of innovation are able to act as a liaison for bridging humans with the digital environment. Computers are now becoming decision makers for this new era of technology that changes the way we reshape and transform industries.

Are you searching for new ways to create more engaging customer experiences, accelerate the growth potential of your business, while discovering ways to operate smarter? Do you rely on learning algorithms and data mining in order to process information? Discovering patterns by analyzing and turning raw data into read more…


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