Mystery Behind the Double Bananas

bananas, double bananas, fertility, from behind the pen

2015 Double Bananas (upper left)


2016 Double Bananas (upper right)

Can someone please explain the tale behind the twin bananas? When two bananas grow together, is it really a sign of fertility recognized in Hawaiian or Filipino cultures as I once heard?

Let’s face it, when you see something that naturally looks different, it leaves you in complete awe and for me it is fascinating! Last year one of my banana trees yielded the very first twin or double banana I’ve ever seen. While I was inspecting the new bananas that blossomed from one of my banana trees a few weeks ago, I saw another twin or double banana. What on earth is going on? I am not using any special fertilizer, so believe me this is tripping me out!

Interestingly, after I discovered and cut the group of bananas that contained the double bananas last year, I found out a few months later that the daughter of one of my best friends was expecting with twins. Naturally, I thought the fertility saying was true. This year, I didn’t cut this bunch yet, but I am awaiting news of someone who may be close to me who is probably pregnant.

Is this just a myth or is there really truth into this fertility phenomena? You tell me. Please leave me a comment if there is indeed some truth to this saying and if you know the origins of it because I could not find anything in my search for confirmation.


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