The Poetry of A Place Called Happy

Happiness, Inspirational Quote, Traveling

~ A Place Called Happy ~

Take me to that special place called happy
where love spreads like an airborne virus
and the wings of hate crumble like dried branches on a dead tree
a place where green pastures flourish and clean water flows freely

take me to that place where mourning turns into gladness
and death morphs into seeds of new life
where souls are not lost, but found in the arms of comfort
a place where peace truly surpasses all understanding

I wanna go to that place where there is freedom, not bondage
where the color of your skin does not determine your value
where reaching down means helping someone up
and weakness does not defeat, but strengthens

let me go to that place where thirst is quenched and hunger fed
as maternal instincts nurture and paternal instincts protect
a place where humanity is the guardian of God’s amazing handiwork
and purpose is grounded in the wisdom of the humble heart.

-Kym Gordon Moore


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