Happy Birthday Bingo

Bingo, Gambling, Lottery

Oh, the excitement and disappointment you feel, as you cover those numbers on your 5×5 cards, until all of a sudden someone yells “BINGO!” Bingo is that game of chance which has been played by people of all ages since its invention in 1929. Players find selected numbers arranged on the tiles of their cards, as the host calls out numbers stamped on ping pong balls jumping up and down in a mechanical ball blower.

One by one, numbers are covered until a player or players have a winning arrangement. Prizes vary from modest stakes to large monetary jackpots.

As we celebrate #BingosBirthdayMonth throughout December, we continue to hit those numbers in this lottery of chance, as we await the next player to yell out that much anticipated five letter word to win. That player could be me!


As the ball blower mixes numbered ping pong balls
players covering shuffled decks on random calling cards
daubers pounding sheets faster with a colorful thump
marking and matching selected numbers on square tiles
whether up and down, side to side or criss-cross
don’t jump the gun before the game is won
ready, waiting, cased, set, down or chance
the winning arrangement cashing in on the jackpot
anticipation gripping the pit of your stomach
game over as someone suddenly yells BINGO!

-Kym Gordon Moore


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