Many Seasons of Shining Light

Chanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Candles

This time of the year is one that is filled with great emotion, whether it is happiness, sadness or simple melancholy. Yet during this time of the year, in light of our celebrations, holiday lights seem to capture our attention as we stop, reflect and soak in the beauty of it all.

This has been a year that brought many unexpected occurrences, some good and some not so great. Yet somehow, in the midst of such uncertainty, we reach deep down in the fabric of our souls and pull out some sense of humanity that should clearly indicate how we need to be at all times.

Light has a spiritual way of wiping out darkness. Just as a single candle can light up a dark room, we can be that light which shines brightly in the darkness of our world and release the type of peace our inner light brings to everyone who sees it.


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