My Story: No New Year’s Resolutions for Me!

Writing, New Year's Resolutions, Goals, My Story

No, I did not make any new year’s resolutions for 2017 and I haven’t made a resolution in years. There’s no need to sit down and waste my time writing down a list of things to do if I am not committed to doing them. So, does this mean I do absolutely nothing at all? Of course not. Throughout the years past, I wrote down “Targets” or goals if you like a simpler way of putting it, to make bite-size pieces of things I want to accomplish. Many of those things cannot be done in a year, so I don’t put that type of pressure on myself.

So, as I continue to press forward, looking upward, remaining persistent, yet patient and filled with faith, I simply look forward to each new day with gratitude and a positive attitude. Since I practice these things each day, there really is no need for me to make a laundry list of resolutions that will get lost in the first month of a brand new year.

Although we do not know what this new year will bring, we hold fast to our faith and hope. As we move ahead on an adventurous journey through our daily gift of life, amid any obstacle that may come our way, may those challenges only make us stronger!

Happy New Year!


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