The Art Of Handwriting Cannot Die!

Handwriting, Writing, National Handwriting Day, From Behind the Pen

I still love the stroke of a pen or pencil dancing on the canvas of paper like an ice-skater dances in whirls and swirls atop a layer of ice. Handwriting, a calling card to one’s individuality and creativity, seems to be a vanishing art these days. As an advocate of penmanship, we cannot allow artificial intelligence to be a substitute for the foundation of our basic learning, skills-oriented educational programs. Writing, one of the functional skills of literacy represents language and emotion depicted through inscriptions of signs and symbols. It complements speech or spoken language.

Today, as we celebrate National Handwriting Day, let us be reminded of the variety and historical nuances of writing systems that express the creation of textual or written information for communication. Graphology, the analysis of the characteristics and patterns of handwriting identify many personality characteristics and psychological traits of an individual. While some skeptics may argue that graphology is simply pseudoscience, there is a seductive appeal to this study and practice of handwriting analytics.

Happy National Handwriting Day during National Handwriting Month!


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