As Far As the Eyes Can See

Reading a Map, Searching, Seeking, Dreaming

As Far As the Eyes Can See

Who said a dream had to be near sighted
narrow-minded, complicated or limited?
Who said dreams are only for those who sleep
the naïve who foolishly wish upon a shooting star
or break the big end of a wishbone?
How do we measure the scope of a dream?

Must we conform to the standards of others
spiritless to reach beyond what the eyes can see
a vision of an end at the beginning
the beginning of seeing your vision through
birthing the gift you are implanted with by God
envisioning the endless possibilities
of a dream that seems impossible in the eyes of others.

Just a dream away
with hope, aspiring to unleash our hidden potential
releasing the fear to proceed and succeed
capturing greatness within our grasp
by merely reaching outward
with faith to perceive, believe and achieve.

Run where others dare not go
a quest to seize an opportunity
aiming upward towards the moon
but shooting for the twinkling stars
a fire burning within to stretch as far as the heavens
hope of a vision within the palm of your hands.

(poem from the book Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry)


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