A Day For Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap, Plasic Wrap, PackagingHow many times have you felt the urge to pop those raised plastic bubbles of air on its protective packaging after you unwrap a product? Did you know that the last Monday in January is celebrated as Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day? Who knew right? Well, probably the folks who make bubble wrap knew.

Al Fielding, an engineer in Hawthorn, New Jersey, and Marc Chavannes, a Swiss inventor attempted to invent plastic wallpaper in 1957. Instead, they ended up creating the packaging we now use to protect fragile items called bubble wrap. The name aptly applies to the textured features of this specialty packaging, which is manufactured by Sealed Air Corporation.

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day was created by Spirit 95 FM Radio Station. They conducted bubble wrap contests like creating fashion designs, toys, popping relays and sculpting. Are you a crafty person and created something unique and interesting from bubble wrap? Do tell…

Oh, by the way, be sure to check this contest out y’all. Sealed Air Corporation is asking you to help them decide what the next design for their new Bubble Wrap IB Expressions line will be. Voting closes on Feb. 13, 2017, at 11:59 p.m. Check out Pop the Vote today!

Happy Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!



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