Are You Ready for a Bigger Pot?

flower pots, growth, spiritual maturity

Several years ago, I purchased some plants and flowers that I haphazardly left in their original containers for a few months. One day I noticed the roots found their way through the holes of those plastic containers and the plants began to look a bit haggard. Throughout my years of many failures and successes when growing plants and flowers, I realize the process for growth and multiplication is not the same application for all of my garden friends. Some plants grow slow, while others take off like a lightening rod!

While fertilization, watering and getting sufficient sunlight was essential, my problem was leaving these plants and flowers in pots they outgrew. After buying some bigger containers to replant my foliage in, I was amazed at how fast those plants and flowers flourished.

How do you know when you’re ready to move into a bigger pot? I’m not referring to a physical place in the same sense that plants can be repotted in, but when you shift into another level of spiritual growth? If our spiritual roots are suffocating and rotting because we are in spiritual solitary confinement we literally stifle our growth in grace and knowledge. When you stifle the natural growth process of anything, you dwarf it and could end up with extreme abnormalities, severe dysfunctions and quite possibly, death.

If you feel that you need to relocate your roots away from toxic situations and spiritual setbacks, perhaps it’s time to find a bigger pot. Growth is not confining, but infinite.


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