Write Faster with Fast Writing Pens

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I have to admit that I am a pen fanatic. I have pens galore, but I have my favorites because I love the way my handwriting looks when I write with them. My fountain pens are first on the list, but because of my worriation about ink leakage in my purse, and the fact that ink cartridges are not very cost-effective, I only resort to using them at home or for a special occasion. My next type of pen of choice is a rollerball and then gel definitely is next. Although ballpoint pens are still popular, if you are searching for some nice writing pens that help you to write faster, and make your handwriting look more polished, then check out this chart that I spotted on Hack My Study.

writing, Hack My Study, Pens

If you are as fanatical about your writing instruments as I am, check out this awesome article that touches on pen comparisons, what pens to use in order to improve your writing speed and why. Read more…


4 thoughts on “Write Faster with Fast Writing Pens

  1. That’s awesome Kathy. It certainly has some good reviews. I will have to look into it. I use a Shaeffer fountain pen and an Aldo Domani fountain pen. I have to say for everyday purposes, I love my Mont Blanc rollerball though. It really does make my handwriting look better! 🙂 LOL Thanks for sharing!


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