Poetry for the Day: Lunar Sensation

Moon, Lunar, PoetryOk, so I have this personal obsession with the moon. Perhaps it’s because my zodiac sign is Cancer aka Moon Child. In spite of the frigid cold temperatures that swept across the country this week, there was one sight that I welcomed with open arms. There’s no doubt that this sight, the full moon, brings me great warmth and joy each month, which makes me feel like a kid. Every time the full moon rises in all of its brilliance, I have to stop and soak in the essence of its heavenly presence.

So, I pause today to share my poem, Lunar Sensation which takes my mind off of the freezing temperatures hovering at the helm of our daily meteorological reports and see the beauty peering through this wintry weather.

Lunar Sensation

Peeking through the leafless branches
on a cold winter’s morn
remnants of a winter white moon
fade into the heavens
in all of its fullness and perfection
a heavenly body, mysterious and complete.

Such a wondrous disappearing act
as the sun makes its presence known
amid the celestial community
of God’s untouchable collection.

In awe, splendor, adoration
revelations in geometric dimensions of new
half, three-quarters and full
this rotational cycle
performing while suspended in the heavens
reflects a night light

surrounded by the twinkling stars
beyond one’s imagination
illuminating infinity
a spectacular and non-duplicable creation of God.

(from the book “Wings of the Wind: A Cornucpia of Poetry,” 2013)


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