So What? What Do I Have To Lose?

fighting, injustice, violence, crineWhat do I have to lose? Is this what we have come to? Each time I read or watch a report about senseless killings whether it’s home or abroad, it pains my heart. How can you not have a heart or compassion when these occurrences happen, regardless of what side of the world you are on? Like everyone who feels the same way, I ask that annoying question of why? I don’t understand the alarming increase of blatant disregard for life. I cannot make any sense of it all and I probably never will.

Before I was able to process my disbelief and angst about what really happened with last week’s Syrian gas attacks, my heart was exploding with grief about what is happening with the rising rate of homicides and violence, happening all around us. Now, San Bernardino once again takes the headlines this week for an atrocious murder/suicide domestic violence attack that also resulted in the death of an innocent 8-year-old. As I read some of the social media responses to this incident, as always I am appalled by the heated debate about allowing teachers to pack some type of firearm in their classrooms and to shoot when necessary. OK, is this really a solution and could we simply pause and try to avoid getting too trigger happy here? Does this really solve the problem or merely add to it?

So what? What do I have to lose? Do you think I really care? If I don’t have you no one else will. If I don’t get my way, then nobody gets their way.

These statements aren’t just some type of analytical, locker room talk or scientific hypothesis, but these are very real and disturbing threats, not to be taken lightly.

When we hear the bombastic spews of disregard coming from the mouths of many of our leaders, whether political, religious, social, educational, from the family unit or in the business sector, what should we really expect from those that are led by these high-ranking heads? No one seems to fear severe consequences anymore. It’s as if they wear dishonor and hate as a badge of honor.

I read a few comments where some have expressed that crime really does pay and pay well when referencing how lucrative many white collar crimes have escaped the system. While we still ask how we became so disconnected from literally everything, I still believe in hope. I still believe in justice, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. I still believe that crime does not pay, but will suffer from the wallet of excruciating consequences. We have to reach deep into our hearts and renew that sense of humanity and decency that we want to once again embrace. While we will revisit these disturbing emotions again, probably sooner that we expect to, we should continue to share the love and compassion that build and does not destroy. This ticking time bomb in our society must be diffused. We can’t diffuse them all, but we can try to diffuse as many as we can.


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