Meet Me At The Playground

Playground, Nationl Playground Safety Week, Playing

National Playground Safety Week 2017 is April 24-28. Playgrounds are not only a place to focus on the safety of children’s outdoor play environments, but a time for children to educationally engage in an active environment. For more information about National Playground Safety Week, be sure to check out the National Program for Playground Safety and find out how to inspect your local playgrounds and complete playground safety checks and evaluations.

To celebrate this week I would like to share the following poem Forever Young at the Playground as my salute to childhood memories and wholesome fun at the neighborhood playground.

Forever Young at the Playground

The old woman was there every day
sitting on a weathered wooden garden bench
listening to bursts of laughter and screams of joy-filled excitement
reminders of her youth and times spent in the great outdoors

long since widowed, alone but not lonely, she came
she sat and watched with her cane laying on the seat nearby
once occupied by her husband swept in arms of youthful gladness
seesaws, monkey bars, jungle gyms and swings
a merry-go-round, slides, sandboxes and playhouses

watching the children’s flexibility, and carefree attitudes
flipping, running with daring cartwheel competitions
she watches as everyone leaves then grabs her cane
walking over to the steps of the slide, climbing up
she sat at the top, and surveys the playground

taking a deep breath with feet extended
she came gliding down, landing bottom first in the sand
sitting there for a moment, slightly stunned
suddenly a belly laugh erupted that almost made her gag
she grabbed her cane, propped herself up, brushed herself off
towards the swings she set her sight and then walks

she remembers the teeter-totters, tetherballs and animal springers
scars from their rambunctious games of outdoor play was honorable
she sits in the seat, grabs the vinyl coated chains
legs positioned to push off, but feels tiny hands on her back
a voice says softly, “Let me push you grandma”
with a smile and a tear streaming down one cheek
she says “Ok” and as she sways back and forth
sprinkles of her youth flashes before her
at the playground, she will always be forever young and free.

-Kym Gordon Moore

Happy #NationalPlaygroundSafetyWeek during #NationalPoetryMonthPlayground, Playground Equipment


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