Hey writers! It’s Wordsmith Day!

Wordsmith Day, Writing

Wordsmith, Wordsmith
Where for art thou dear Wordsmith?

Today, we are celebrating that skilled user of words…The Wordsmith. Commemorated annually on May 3rd, Wordsmith Day is observed by writing poignant, soul-stirring words, quotes, stories, and poetry as you harness your ability to make words work their magic to the eyes of your reader.

The Write Legacy

To what do we owe the extinction
for the art of writing
the development of human connection
manifested through written communication
unspoken words that come to life
on pages of carefully constructed alphabets.

Old letters never thrown away
greeting cards with endearing messages
an unshaken desire to revisit memories of the past
recollections so vividly captured
The nostalgia of reading
anticipating, remembering
an art form that connects human emotion
with personality.

Penmanship, the essence of individuality
sophistication and style
personalized sentiments
illustrated through exquisite craftsmanship
black ink bleeding through gold nibs
of the finest writing instruments around.

Where did the prominent writing mechanisms go
Aurora, Conklin, Montblanc
Parker, Waterman or Leboeuf?
Did they truly relinquish their fame
to no more than mere computerized fonts
italic styles
quick changing text colors?

Shalt not the days of a personal letter
on decorative stationary or filler paper
invoke anticipation from a mail carrier’s delivery?
Demanding regal attention
charm and grace
strokes from the quill and pen
calligraphy, cursive, Old English or script
a quest to preserve the spirit of writing legacy.

-Kym Gordon Moore © All Rights Reserved

So where for art thou dear Wordsmith? It’s you that’s who!

Happy #WordsmithDay!


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