We Have To Talk, We Have To Listen

From Behind the Pen, Conversations, Eleanor Roosevelt, Quotes

Sometimes topics that become rather awkward to discuss are avoided like the plague, and very often are the ones that drive a great wedge in between us. Whether we notice it or not, our passion about those subjects can either make us defensive or highly offensive.

We are going to have to learn to find common ground, by having a heart to heart-filled dialogue about addressing the “elephant in the room” gap that divides us. Throwing in a little compassion and understanding wouldn’t hurt either.

What topic do you have the most difficulty talking about? Religion? Race? Gender parity? Politics? Poverty? Discrimination? If we don’t talk about those subjects we tend to shy away from, we will only continue to harvest generations of dissension and never find true harmony and understanding. Now, can we talk but more importantly, will we listen?


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