Who Let The Pets Out?

National Pet Month, Animals, Pets

Are you a pet owner? Throughout the month of May we celebrate National Pet Month. This commemoration promotes our responsibility of pet ownership, and how pets benefit and enrich our lives every day. In honor of National Pet Month I would like to share my poem, simply titled, “Pets!”


Some are cute, some are not
some are big and some are small
some are furry, sometimes loud and ostentatious
others are nocturnal, aquatic and often exotic


We domesticate their mannerisms
training them to obey our commands
with personalities that intrigue and amuse us
they melt our hearts with those lovable awww moments


They are family, friends, service animals and companions
they are alert to the spirit and abnormal vibes
they endure pain while still showing us compassion
when they die, their memory is forever etched in our hearts.


– Kym Gordon Moore © All rights reserved.


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