The Art of NASCAR in the Fast Lane

Stock Car Racing, NASCAR

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The Art of NASCAR

High-powered race cars zooming around the track
drivers donning fire retardant suits, and high-tech helmets
an air of rebelness like astronauts in specialized spacesuits
a sea of artistry, each motorized canvas individually customized

brilliant logos of sponsorships, car numbers on doors and roofs
turning laps into tendrils of ear piercing warped speed
roaring ferociously like a lion sprinting and hugging the pavement
explosive, jaw-dropping, exhilarating, taking your breath way

stock car racing expanding national and global series
pit crews choreographed in high-speed precision swaps
champions spinning donuts burning rubber spitting smoke
brush strokes in the fast lane of the NASCAR experience.

-Kym Gordon Moore © All Rights Reserved

I am fascinated by the artistic presentation each competing car on the NASCAR circuit portrays. The brand characteristics identify a sense of boldness in unforgettable showmanship when these stock cars hit the tracks. Here are a few of the artsy automobiles I like. Enjoy!

Dale Earnhardt, NASCAR, The Intimidator

Image credit: (Dale Earnhardt)

NASCAR, Kyle Busch, Stock Car Racing

Image credit:

NASCAR, Joey Logano

Image credit: SB Nation (Joey Logano)

Jimmie Johnson, NASCAR

Image credit: (Jimmie Johnson)

Danica Patrick, NASCAR, Stock Car Racing

Image credit: Sporting News (Danica Patrick)

Dale Earnhardt Jr., NASCAR

Image credit: (Dale Earnhardt, Jr.)

Larry Scavnicky, NASCAR, Stock Car Racing

Image credit: (Larry Scavnicky)

Ryan Newman, NASCAR, Stock Car Racing

Image credit: (Ryan Newman)

NASCAR, Stock Car Racing

Image credit:


2 thoughts on “The Art of NASCAR in the Fast Lane

  1. Kymj, that was beautifully written about race cars. Though I have attended only one or maybe two race car events at the Dorchester Speedway in Dorchester, SC, I have always been fascinated with fast cars and motorcycles. This is a fun activity to incorporate into anyone’s plans for a relaxing weekend event. Thank you for the good read!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks Marge! I too share your fascination with race cars and motorcycles. I guess that is the adventurous side of us huh? 😀 The artistry of color usage on each of those stock cars makes quite a unique statement and I love it! Cheers and thanks for sharing your warm reflections! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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