Do Not Feed Me Seymour!

I’m sure many of you have seen signs similar to this Please Do Not Feed The Wildlife sign. Perhaps you know the danger of complying versus not complying with this warning, regardless of whether you see a sign or not.

Some people feel they can domesticate a wild animal, including ducks, but there can be some dangerous and deadly consequences resulting from that. We have seen a recent surge of bear, coyote, fox and bobcat sightings in our area. My husband saw a bobcat in our next door neighbor’s driveway a couple of weeks ago and nearly freaked out. Heck, I nearly freaked out when he told me about it.

We have a small lake behind our house where ducks, geese, blue herons, white herons, rabbits and Lord only knows what else is back there. In the early morning hours a few weeks ago I spotted about 5 deer frolicking near the water. Crazy right? But, while I adore watching these critters from the safety of my deck, I have seen people deliberately ignore the posted Do Not Feed signs because they think the animals are sooooooo cute! However, one day I had to grab a stick and run some very aggressive geese away from two little girls walking home from the pool, who were almost attacked because the geese assumed they were going to feed them. Of course, after I started yelling and screaming at the geese to get back, I’m not sure whether I scared the girls, the geese or myself the most!

Wildlife breeding populations are increasing and with new construction going up every single day, we are interrupting their natural habitat and they really have nowhere to go. So, they roam in residential areas and there seems to be very little that wildlife officials can do when you call them. There really isn’t much you can do about their displacement but you can heed the warnings and learn how to protect yourself by not doing something crazy or illegal to lure or provoke them.

This isn’t Little Shop of Horrors, and you are not Rick Moranis (Seymour), so don’t feed anything wild, because you might wind up becoming lunch to a big monster! Just sayin’.


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