Camping, Glamping or RV-ing?

Camp, Camping, Glamping, Motorcoach, RV

Are you a camper? How do you get your camping on? This week is National Camping Week during Camping Month. Whether you’re tenting it, motor coaching it or glamping it, grab your gear and head on out to the great outdoors. This is the time where kids are headed to Summer camp, so why let them have all the fun? What a great time to kick off your holiday weekend by taking a camping trip!

A Camping We Go

Finding that quiet spot to retreat
outdoor recreation with overnight stays
where nature opens her home to native wildlife
stimulating the follicles of our hair they raise

echoing and offering free musical interludes
at night a light show featuring strobing fireflies
tents mounted, sleeping bags unrolled, location secured
outdoor cooking simmering, roasting under midnight skies

sharing intimate and scary stories, perhaps a poem or two
to hike, fish, bike, climb or river-bound rafting in a canoe
respecting a natural habitat as the blazing campfire roars
a lifetime of adventure exploring the incredible great outdoors.

© Kym Gordon Moore


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