Note to Self: Lose the Joy Robbers and Discover Joy Today

Joy, Happiness, Smile

Sometimes the disappointments we face absorb much of our energy and steal our joy. I have my share of daily joy-robbers, just like everyone else. I now counterattack them by not allowing them to easily steal my joy (anymore), leaving me empty, down and depressed.

Each day, I look for something that gives me joy and makes me smile. These things aren’t complicated, but simple little pleasures. Whether it’s seeing a new flower bloom in my container garden, a couple of goldfinches or cardinals perched on my banana trees, songbirds singing during the early morning sunrise, a hug or kiss from my husband, a yellow butterfly fluttering in front of me or the rambunctious squirrels chasing each other up and down the pine trees in my backyard, there is always something right in my presence that makes me grateful.

I now include these little gifts of joy in my daily journal and this makes me deliberately find at least one thing during the day to make me smile and reflect on the gift of life. Find your “awwwwww” moment today and enJOY it! Besides, it’s good for your health.


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