Fireflies in Flight

Fireflies, Lightning Bugs, Beetles

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It’s a humid summer evening and as twilight appears, little sparkles of light from fireflies put on a spectacular fireworks show in the wooded area of my backyard. Although the photos I tried to take did not adequately capture the essence of the overall experience, I saw a segment on TV that showed tours given in a densely wooded area where fireflies or lightning bugs give the most spectacular light show.

The photo above was taken with a really good, professional camera of a firefly experience that is simply awesome! Be sure to check out LIGHTNING BUGS: FACTS AND HOW TO ATTRACT THEM by George and Becky Lohmiller

Fireflies in Flight

In the mystical temperament of twilight
cleaving to the placidness of a summer breeze
like twinkling stars in the shadows of an earthly stage
bioluminescence, strobing and sparkling anew
like glowing fairy dust, a firefly’s mating call
my eyes dart here and yonder, I dare not blink
with childlike wonder, I gasp with excitement
fascinated by nature’s natural whispers all aglow.
© Kym Gordon Moore


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