Got Writer’s Block? Then Make a Collage

writer's block, collage, writing

Image Credit: Kym Gordon Moore

So you love to write huh? Just when you least expect it, suddenly, one day, at one critical OMG moment, you hit a brick wall and lose all sense of something to write about. While many coaches suggest that you make and maintain a portal of subjects to write about, what happens when you glance at that list and find there is nothing that appeals to your writing juices?

Whenever I conduct a workshop or seminar, I present a prop that helps me get a spark of inspiration to write about something when I run into that writing brick wall. A collage can be a multifunctional tool, depending on what you put on it. The picture above shows a collage I created several years ago that I use personally and professionally. The pictures and words are cut out from old discarded magazines and junk mail. There are a few items like stick on’s from the craft store and a piece of denim pocket from an old pair of jeans that I also added to the mix.

So grab some old publications, photos or letters to form words of inspiration. Whatever inspires you or even things that don’t, whether it’s certain foods, drinks, flowers, hairstyles, apparel, vehicles, ceramic ware, restaurants, postcards or pictures of superheroes that you like, glue them onto a piece of cardboard, foam core or poster board and let your writing juices rip! Happy creating and happy writing!


2 thoughts on “Got Writer’s Block? Then Make a Collage

  1. For me the collage idea works because it gives me an opportunity to take a breather and disconnect from persistent thoughts that sometimes get in the way of creativity. But yes, whichever way you use it, a collage is a great idea!

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