Androids Replacing Writers?

Robots, Androids, Writing, Writers

Yesterday I wrote about an idea to make and use a collage should you need some extra inspiration to write something when you run into writer’s block. As I was watching a documentary about the rise in artificial intelligence, they demonstrated how humanlike they are making robots to look, act and interact. Fascinating, but pretty scary at the same time, especially when one android said, “I want to be smarter than humans.” Wait, what? This is not your typical robot as depicted in the 1965-68 TV series, Lost in Space. These androids look more lifelike than some people I’ve seen.

I suppose the thing that struck me about this advancement in technology conversation is not the fact that it is supposed to be a helpmate to us, but it is becoming more of a human replacement in many scenarios. If you don’t think this is so, just go into practically any store and it seems like the self-service checkouts are increasing more than those with cashiers. I believe the one thing that caught my attention as I was reading an article one day, was the rise in more automated content generation versus that coming from real writers and journalists. In other words, writers are becoming obsolete in many industries as curated content is on the rise more and more. Content development systems are being created and programmed to kick out an article, white paper, blog, report, etc. on practically any topic, which means the system is designed to be faster, more cost-effective and more productive than hiring a writer.

I know, pretty scary, huh? I believe genuine “human” writers have a great opportunity to show just how valuable our writing is and the compassion we put into producing the compositions we share. So on that note, let’s not get overly anxious about these predictions that many analysts and theorists have forecasted. Let’s show ’em what we are made of, one letter, one word, one sentence at a time!


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