Thank You for the Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination

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Showing my gratitude for being nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award from Dwight Roth, administrator for Roth Poetry is long overdue. Sometimes I get so caught up in my writing calendar until the things that mean the most get put on my “Things To Do List” and continues to circulate every single day until it gets done. On the heels of Thanksgiving, I found it necessary to do this important task before I get distracted once again. Before I continue, I urge you to visit Dwight’s blog, Roth Poetry, where he shares some of his wonderful poetry, awesome artwork, and lifetime insights. You will truly be inspired. Thanks again Dwight!

To fulfill the rules for the Sunshine Blogger Award, I was asked the following questions:

1. What inspires you?
I am not limited to where I find inspiration. I love being outdoors so nature is my prime source. Yet, I get inspiration from people and their behaviors, current events, food, fashion, spiritual growth, my victories, my mistakes, other people’s victories and mistakes, visiting new places, learning about new cultures, music, and entertainment, just to name a few.

2. How did you get into blogging?
I began blogging in 2009 to increase and improve my writing skills while diversifying my writing credits. I used a few different blog platforms, but I find WordPress for me is more user-friendly for anyone, regardless of whether you are a novice, intermediate or veteran at this.

3. Where do you live?
I live in North Carolina, home of professional sports franchises like the Carolina Panthers, the Charlotte Hornets, Charlotte Knights, NASCAR and the Charlotte Checkers.

4. Who was the person that had the most influence in your life?
My gosh, there are several people who influenced my life at different intervals of my growth and development. I have to say above them all was my mother. She is the one person who trained and raised me to be the epitome of decency, respect for myself and others, to love and not hate, to strive for excellence and above all to love God first. I miss her so much and wish she were alive today because boy would we have some colorful conversations now that I’ve grown up!

5. How has blogging changed you?
Blogging has been an educational experience for me. I have connected to so many people from around the world like Japan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Africa, European Union, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Australia, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Malaysia, Portugal, Switzerland, Qatar, Taiwan, Argentina, Vietnam, Norway and Romania just to name a few.

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I am nominating the following bloggers for the Sunshine Blogger Award:

My Yellow Apron 
SouL SpeakS 
The Godly Chic Diaries
Diabetes Wellness and Health

Here are your 5 questions to answer in your post and share:

1. What is your blog about?
2. Why did you decide to become a blogger?
3. Where do you find your inspiration to write?
4. What social media sites do you share your blog posts on?
5. What do you do when you experience writer’s block?

In closing, our bloggers create some engaging subject matter that we can all relate to. Be sure to check out these bloggers I mentioned above and feel free to follow them. Congratulations to these nominees and happy blogging!

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