Oh Say, Can You See What’s Going On? Listen!


Fire and Ice, Fight, Clashing, Outrage, Change

Tired and outraged! When you are sick and tired of nothingness, you soon become outraged. Someone told me that ignorance, greed, violence, abuse, complacency, and bullying have become our new norm, but I am not buying that. How long are we to tolerate the seductive temptations we allowed to grow into ballistic sins? Oh, I am not preaching, just speaking from spiritual exhaustion. Something is wrong y’all and has been for quite some time now. When do we finally say enough is enough and hold the human powers that be (since they wanted these positions in the first place) accountable for ‘We the People‘ instead of ‘Me the Powerful?’

Yes, I believe the Constitution was written with good intent. The first and second Amendments, in particular, have been getting a lot of airtime over the past several years. Yet somehow we have gotten things so twisted to the point of compromising and normalizing ‘extremism,’ regardless of which Amendment we discuss. It is so refreshing to see ordinary people using their platforms to positively impact the fallen, forgotten, fragile, and forsaken. Hear us!


When I think about change, I think about hope and the act of making things better in the pursuit of happiness. The concerns that appeared to be changing, seem to have become stalemated. Why is this? Have we assumed too much without putting a true check and balance system into place and make them actionable? Are voices still being ignored or silenced because there is no followup to accountability? Does the rhetoric sound way too familiar?

The polarizing problem seems to include the lack of listening, talking, logic, equality, justice, and understanding. It continues to sadly return to the field of ‘us vs. them,’ converging on many societal fronts. Why aren’t things getting done at a much faster rate? We are in a position to demand change for the marginalized, disenfranchised and the innocent. Never underestimate the importance and impact of a single voice. We are the change agents! Much has changed but there is much that needs changing and amending. We can no longer put a bandage on a hemorrhage and expect satisfaction. It’s time to put up because the voice of repression is no longer going to sit back and shut up. People are outraged, seeking justice, and we have a legitimate reason to be.

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