Do You Remember the Art of the Magic Eye?

Magic Eye, Stereogram, 3D

Image source: Michael K. Milton created by Easy Stereogram Builder

Who remembers Magic Eye? Yep, those computer generated 3D images embedded in repeated patterns. When you keep your focus on a specific point, let’s say in the center of the picture for example, then relax your eyes until the picture becomes blurry and doubled, you will see an image that literally draws you into the picture. Click on the image to enlarge it and try out your optical skills.

Magic Eye Illusion

invisible you are
blending into the crowd
an optical illusion
in a 3D stereogram
I stare with blurred vision
suddenly drawn into a scene
discovering you were watching me
there all along, hidden in plain sight
like a two-way mirror, a fractal game
magic eye drawing me into the frame.

© Kym Gordon Moore

4 thoughts on “Do You Remember the Art of the Magic Eye?

  1. Tom, is there anything at all that you do not do? LOL My gosh, I thought people probably wouldn’t know what I was talking about and here you have a museum of stereograms!!! 😀 You simply AMAZE me my friend. 😉

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  2. The following is a posting which shows (with a 2d gif) a little bit of what these holograms look like. Of course, to really see them in person is much better. Holograms, like stereograms, went out of style… although some people still make them. They are the most beautiful photos in the world. Yves Gentet, whom i used to buy blank plates for holography from, was deemed the best photographer in the world by Discover Magazine.

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  3. Oh my Tom, I remember those holograms and loved the experience of looking at them; sadly, as you said they were shortlived. Thank you for sharing that link. I enjoyed your post about your experiences working with many acclaimed individuals and delving into the dynamics of such dimensional art. Mentioning the dichroic glass reminded me of an artist years ago who used it as a medium for their jewelry. The reflection of the colors was simply amazing. Thanks for that walk back down memory lane! 😀


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