The Shackled: Will You Stand or Will You Sit?

oppression, enslavement

Will you stand up for the oppressed? Will you really?

Would you courageously face the unabashed wrongfulness perpetrated by the status quo, and say NO to the hands of power and prominence that seek to destroy those who are exploited or destitute?

Could you stand silently and watch self-loathing tormentors shackle, cripple and dehumanize a targeted populace, and be comfortable with that?

Will you stand up to defend those who suffer from grave injustices, or will you sit down, muted, and spectate as the injustices unfold?

4 thoughts on “The Shackled: Will You Stand or Will You Sit?

  1. Hey Tom, I stand in solidarity with you. There would be more of an outcry about this situation if it involved the separation of some of the politician’s kids/grandkids just because. Makes you sick to your stomach! 😦 Hope your Internet gets fixed soon! 😀

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  2. I just unfollowed one of my “followers” because i commented, on their blog, about how we refused to celebrate the 4th due to what those caged children are going through. They then posted a blog stating that they will not tolerate “political” stuff on their blog.

    This is far beyond mere political stuff. I don’t care for politics one bit; but torturing children is unacceptable and is not what i am willing to keep quiet about at any time or place!

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  3. Oh my. It’s unfortunate that people do not realize that this isn’t a political issue, but a human rights issue. I don’t care what side of the political aisle you are on, if any side at all, from a human standpoint, where is the compassion, decency and heart when you see images of children behind the walls of a chain link fence and not be affected by that.

    Sadly Tom, many who sing “America, God shed His grace on Thee and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea” may need to revisit the definition of patriotism and simple human compassion. I think your silent protest spoke volumes. 🙂


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