Poisonous Tongues Pierce the Heart of Peace


George Hodan

In the midst of our ever-evolving, transformational world, when did we drop the ball of compassion and understanding from the equation of humanity? At what point did a decent conversation become obsolete and the brash spews of bitter words become the norm?

How did we sidestep the path of human decency in the quest to stereotype and attack someone’s dignity without legitimate cause because of their cultural differences? At what point did we watch hatred, injustice and poisonous tongues infiltrate the heart of the human race to become the standard of exploitation?

When did we normalize atrocities that unjustly assassinate someone’s character or debilitate a cultural tribe? How can we redirect or detonate the trajectory of toxic words and patterns of behavior that have become as deadly as bullets shot from the chamber of an assault weapon? Is there a way to find common ground when we sit at the table to have a reasonable and decent conversation, where we all walk away with dignity intact, peace of mind, and understanding with compassion?

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