Imagine All the People of the World Living As One

People, Unity

Image: Francisco Farias Jr

As I reflect on the great polarization that has saturated our lives whether economically, culturally, geographically, politically, racially, religiously or educationally, this great divide and bias did not just begin a few years ago, although it seems to have grown exponentially. This has been going on for centuries now. We’re just more acutely aware of its impact because the coverage of such polarization is witnessed on broader channels of influence globally.

I believe there are more of us calling for peace, harmony, and love around the world, in spite of the loud clatter of division we hear coming from divisive and systemic poisonous tongues. I recall the song “Imagine” written by the late John Lennon, was the antithesis of a call to arms that we hear echo by every generation. We may be dreamers, but we are not the only ones. I do hope someday we will live as one. Listen…

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