Is it a Vase? Is it a Beehive? Is it a Pine Cone? No, it’s The Vessel!

The Vessel, Thomas Heatherwick

Image source: Artnet News

The newest and latest interactive art installation gracing the mega-neighborhood of skyscrapers, a shopping mall, and a cultural center just opened to the public over the weekend and is by British-based designer Thomas Heatherwick.

This massive architectural wonder called The Vessel is nestled in Hudson Yards, the largest mixed-use private real-estate project located in New York’s Manhattan midtown west. The artistic steelworks was constructed in northwest Italy and bit by bit, parts of it were shipped to the U.S. and floated to the construction site by way of tugboat along New York’s Hudson River.

Vessel, which is its temporary name, for the time being, is a network of stairs and landings that visitors can climb or take an elevator to the top. Although admission is free, you must get a ticket since there is a limited number of people allowed in the structure at one time.

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