Today’s Poetry Spotlight: Epidemic of Fluid Proportions

Linnaea Mallette, Poetry

Epidemic of Fluid Proportions

Awashed in bittersweet childhood memories
he watched remnants of silver maple trees he climbed
drift haphazardly upstream to an anonymous burial plot
clear cool waters he once swam and fished in as a kid
are now dumping grounds of litter and squalor
from the careless and the uncaring.

Senseless attitudes
a selfishness infecting elements of creation
toxic poisons of mass destruction
intensifying deformities and disorders
destroying immune and ecological systems.

A stream connecting to a canal
that connects to a river connecting to an ocean
from the sea connecting to waters
flowing through pipes for internal consumption
quenching the parched and wilted.

This plague is not limited to a chosen race
gender, social status or nation;
while many choose to ignore this concern
through carelessness, ignorance or lack of knowledge
we must kill this epidemic
for it may not be quarantined from exposure
eventually producing global pandemonium
he watched and sadness behind his tears wax discontentment.

Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry ©2013

Happy #NationalPoetryMonth

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