gems, minerals, Lynn Greyling, Amethyst And Pebbles

Walk on by, dismiss my presence

I look ordinary, my body unnoticeable in a homeless encampment

yet all you see is your first impression of me

a morsel of nothingness, disregarded value in your sight

you didn’t notice and couldn’t see, to you I am like all the others

one day you pass by me, and someone helped to brush away my dirt

helped to clean me up and chipped away the rough edges

it was then that you noticed, came near, drawn to my amplified light

you sacrifice everything, bidding, yearning to be graced by my presence

I am exposed, layer by layer, a liberated gem born in the rough

you fought to get near me, I pitied your arrogance beneath me

but in my compassion, I am too valuable to treat you the way you treated me

now it is you who is exposed, shades of darkness consumed by greed.

Amethyst Gemstones Geode, Gem, Circe Denyer

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