From Here to Infinity

Infinity Mirror, Mirrored Image

Image Source: – Guest at the Whitelaw Hotel taking an infinity mirror picture

I’m being drawn into a fractal of mystery
a mirrored image reflecting an infinite path
pulled into this labyrinth, a vortex of intrigue
this scientific illusion, a spiral of calculated math.

Designers know when a room has mirrors placed on opposite walls, the room takes on an illusion of looking much larger than it is. This morning as I combed my hair, I looked in the mirror on the wall opposite of mine to check the back of my hair and saw a sight I’ve seen many times before. Yet this morning that mirrored image pulsated before me.

There appeared many “me’s” meandering through the ethos in an infinite path of illusion. How breathtaking, this neverending trail of fascination before me!

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