The Life of Mirror-Mirror

Mirror on the wall, Lynn Greyling

It is said that if you break a mirror, it brings seven years of bad luck for you. I’m not sure about that because I haven’t been keeping count. But, what happens when a mirror looks at people who are broken or breaking? Does the mirror get the bad luck thrusted back upon them by being hung on a wall for an indefinite period of time?

People pass by me all day long, making obscene, inappropriate funny and horrific jesters at me. I can’t complain, I can’t yell back at them when they yell at me, I can’t expose myself to them in the manner they expose themselves to me. Some kiss me, although I feel no affection or stimulation, only smudges. Some stand and cry heartbroken, feeling guilty, hurt or wounded, looking at me reflecting back on them and I am unable to sob with them. Then there are those cryptic messages written on me by a tube of lipstick that makes you stop, read and wonder.

I see that something is eating at the core of many people and I am unable to reach out, touch them and reassure them that it’s going to be alright, although it may not be easy. And of course, there are those narcissists constantly looking at me, asking me to tell them how fair and great they are. It is then that I want to shout how sinful they are and advise them to take off their self-centered blinders, and then take a close look at themselves and change their ways.

You can’t imagine the hundreds and thousands of people who come before me each day to primp or to say affirmations to themselves. Some ask some inappropriate questions but they only want answers to satisfy their salacious appetites. If I could answer back, they probably couldn’t handle the truth and they would probably take off running in the opposite direction if a mirror starts speaking back to them!

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