The Influence of Fatherhood: Oh My Papa

Baby Approaching Men's Black Sunglasses

Image Credit: Biova Nakou

Today is a special day for commemorating our fathers, dads, papas, and other father-figure and paternal influencers. I thought about this song that Jim Nabors sang during an episode in the long-running sitcom Gomer Pyle USMC, that he performed during an amateur nightclub contest. While this was humorous is certain parts, I have to say that Jim Nabors had an incredible voice and this song “Oh My Papa” is sweet and endearing.

Wishing all fathers, grandfathers, great-great grandfathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, and even those mothers playing the role as a double-duty parent, a wonderful and very special day. For those of you like me, whose fathers are no longer here, whatever memories you hold, just think about the impact you can make to enhance the lives of others around you, especially our younger generations.

Jim Nabors as Gomer Pyle USMC
Man Talking Picture While Smiling
Image Credit: Hannah Nelson
Portrait Of Two Girls With Their Father
Image Credit: Sun Ling Ping
Family Inside the Tent
Image Credit: Kampus Production
Man Carrying His Baby
Image Credit: Streetwindy
A Family Having Fun
Image Credit: Alena Darmel
Delighted black father reading book to positive daughter
Image Credit: Monstera
Man Carrying Baby Drawing Their Foreheads
Image Credit: Josh Willink
Man in Green Zip Up Jacket Holding White Printer Paper
Image Credit: Cottonbro

πŸ’™ Happy Father’s Day! πŸ’™

11 thoughts on “The Influence of Fatherhood: Oh My Papa

  1. Thanks so much Dwight. I loved Jim Nabors’ voice. I couldn’t believe it was really him when I watched that show because he acted so goofy. Don’t ask how or why I remembered that episode. I’m just glad I did. I love to reminise. 😊✍🏼😁

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