Don’t Think About Starting a Fight!

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I’m not even trying to go there, so don’t think about starting a fight because you won’t win…that’s of course, unless you are fighting yourself. Then have at it.

I know many of you have faced and probably will face predicaments where it feels like you’ve been thrown into a fighting ring, and you don’t know who, why, or what you are wrestling, boxing, or kickboxing with. Look yall, people try to lure you into a fight that you weren’t looking to participate in because you didn’t sign up to fight. You were simply minding your own business right?

I realize that somehow, even as you try to steer clear of unnecessary confrontations, someone targets you for their bullish reasons and narcissistic attitudes just to throw you off of your game. Such individuals want to pick a fight with you for some of the silliest reasons, no matter how peaceful of a creature you may be. Do I speak from experience? Yep, you betcha ya! That’s from decades of learning experiences I don’t discount, and from people, I would never have expected such behavior to come from. Yet, these are lessons that prepare me to be on the lookout for the tumultuous signs that pop up from time to time. I wonder why, but I don’t worry why. Neither should you.

Long story short…I’m not trying to pick a fight with anyone. So heed the warning…”Don’t start nothin’ it won’t be nothin’.”

65 thoughts on “Don’t Think About Starting a Fight!

  1. KK says:

    Well said, Kym! I agree. It’s like you are driving safely and cautiously but someone drunk or otherwise, comes over from nowhere and hits you.

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  2. that’s me….it cost me a job, but, dealing with things said that I didn’t want to deal with anymore told me the best choice was to walk away…


  3. I think you’re the one Alma told me to tell hello and asked how are you ding? If not, then I humbly apologize. 🙂 Alma had to take a break to work on finishing up her books but she hasn’t forgotten you guys.

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  4. Thanks so much Anna and please give Alma my regards. I appreciate you passing on the message! 🙏🏼 I know what it’s like with the editing and proofreading process with getting your books done. Tell Alma, no worries, just do what she has to do as long as she has to do it. Take care! 🥰💖🤗

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  5. Words that need be said, because however peaceful and nonconfrontational our path might be, bullies have a way of showing up. When it happens, which is hopefully not often, there are many lessons to learn, including not letting them derail our goals and sincerest of intentions, with their petty nonsense. 🤗💗✌🏻

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  6. Oh yes girlfriend, never allow them to derail your goals or your character. We are better than that, BUT…if they hit first, I am not going to turn the other cheek! LOL 🤣😝😂 Hugs and smooches girlfriend and make this a fantastical evening! Muah!!! 😘💋🥰

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  7. Wonderful post! Dear Kym you are very wise woman, it´’s true, why fight?
    But I think when someone try to fight with a peaceful person, the problem, that poor person needs a lot of attention, or feel powerful, but if we ignored them or let them and just leave, it’s better. Fight is a waiste of time, affect our health and good mood…
    Thank’s for share dear freind. Have a peaceful and lovely evening, relaxing with a delicious cup of tea listening a great podcast Poetry, Pastries & Pies… Cheers!!!
    Abrazote mi amiga!!!

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  8. Oh my goodness Elvira, I agree with everything you said. I think you’re right about walking away and ignoring those trouble makers. Fighting…unless it is worth it, like self-defense for example, is to walk away. We have to maintain some sense of peace in our spirit. Thanks so much for your wisdom. 🙏🏼

    You too have an enjoyable evening. Don’t sweat the small stuff my dear. Abrazote! 🥰💖😊🥂😘

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  9. Girl Selma, don’t you know it. It is truly sad. I don’t need anyone to pick a fight with me because I can do that all by myself. And you’re right about the eye-contact. What the what??? 👀👁👓👁‍🗨😝 UGH!!!


  10. That’s what I believe, thank’s dear Kym, we agree. If we are in peace our vives are just like thar. Aww!!!
    So glad you share it. ,🙏🥰💖😘🧁🫖☕🥂 Enjoy your evening too! ☺️🧋🍹 Abrazote mi amiga!

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  11. Dawn girlfriend, it really does sound like you too had some first hand encounters. I think folks like that are soooo unhappy and they want to pick a fight with people who exude joy in their spirit. Nah, we ain’t havin’ it girlfriend!!! Here’s to a delightful week! 🤗🥂🤩

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