Celebrating National Goat Cheese Month on Food Porn Friday

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Image Credit: Marcus Nilsson

Hello foodies! August is National Goat Cheese Month and if you’re looking for a savory, easy to make dish, using goat cheese, boy do we have a treat for you. Today on Food Porn Friday we are featuring this recipe for Savory Spring Vegetable and Goat Cheese Tart from the Test Kitchen of Bon Appétit.

Grab a few ingredients: ready-made pie crust, all-purpose flour, asparagus, spring onions, olive oil, black pepper, unsalted butter, goat cheese, crème fraîche, heavy cream, eggs, and a few other items to make this easy dish that serves 8, and takes 40 minutes to prepare. Click here to get the directions for making this Savory Spring Vegetable and Goat Cheese Tart, even though it is still summer. Pour a cup of tea or a glass of wine and Bon Appétit!


The Soul of Self-Value, the Spirit of Self-Esteem

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Image Credit: Ian L

People try to devalue who you are, based on what you do, where you’re from and when you need to be where they think you should be going.

Sometimes we listen warily until we believe the battered lies and cynicism imposed on our psyche by others unless we allow wisdom to teach us differently. We do not give unqualified opinionated know-it-alls the permission to stifle our voice, determine our destiny or usefulness, or even how far the extent of our journey towards a fruitful destiny should be.

We are individuals, no two alike. Like a bouquet of flowers, we are diverse, yet quite complementary to each other. You cannot allow anyone to break your spirit because of what they think you should be.

Self-esteem, Soul, Destiny, Self-worth

Image Credit: MALIZ ONG

What makes us so giddy and happy about bubbles?

Blowing Bubbles, Soap Bubbles

Image credit: Peter Griffin

BUBBLES! What is it about bubbles that makes us go crazy with giddiness; like popping bubble wrap, blowing soap bubbles or drinking that sparkling bubbly champagne when celebrating a special occasion? There is even something magical about watching bubbles form on the surface of water vibrating from the motor in an aquarium.

Blowing Bubbles, Soap Bubbles

Image Credit: George Hodan

Even dogs go crazy chasing after flying bubbles trying to grab them in their mouths like a frisbee.

Dogs, Bubbles

Image Credit: pixabay.com

The more bubbles, the merrier!

Blowing Bubbles, Soap Bubbles

Image Credit: consciouskidscare.com

Blowing Bubbles, Soap Bubbles

Image Credit: Peter Griffin

Blowing Bubbles, Soap Bubbles

Image Credit: Jeff Klisares

Blowing Bubbles, Soap Bubbles

Image Credit: Circe Denyer


Losing Touch with Reality through Surrealism

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Image Credit: David Bruyland

To abandon one’s thoughts through the irrational juxtaposition of imagery and imagination…how surreal is that?

The Sun Sets Sail. Images by Rob Gonsalves

Surrealism, Pop Art, Art

Image Source: Quora

Surrealism, Pop Art, Art

Image Credit: iStock

Surrealism, Pop Art, Art

Image Source: Richmond Art Museum

Surrealism, Pop Art, Art

Image Credit: Jim Warren

Surrealism, Pop Art, Art

Image Credit: Jose Roosevelt, “Autumn’s Story,” 2002

Surrealism, Pop Art, Art

Image Source: The arts of Psychedelics

Surrealism, Pop Art, Art

Image Source: nabila786.wordpress.com

Mindblowing!!! 😀

Earth: In a State of Emergency?

Outer Space, Earth

Image Credit: Kai Stachowiak

Can you imagine aliens from somewhere out there in the galaxy looking at planet earth and then asking themselves, “Do we really want to visit that place with all of the drama going on? Just look at how they treat each other. Look at how they are destroying their planet! For fear of them wreaking havoc on our planet, why would we invite any of them to come visit us?”

How is it possible to sit and simply ignore our polluted lakes, rivers, oceans, and land and not think how much all of us will be affected by such recklessness sooner than later? Some never thought about the damage and destruction of Mother Earth’s underground network, the root system of life that is impacted by the slow and painful quiet storm of toxicity snaking its way into our bloodstream.

Think about this as you pull up to the intersection of many streets and highways. Notice how the median has turned into a cigarette cemetery or outdoor ashtray. Why do the shoulders of our thoroughfares look like garbage dumps? Why is marine life in our oceans being asphyxiated as a result of the giant garbage vortex?

Based on how we treat the place where we were born and inhabit, would our treatment be any different if we were able to inhabit another planet? How can we transform our destructive habits? Our planet is in trouble and if no one thinks they should not be held accountable for abusing dear Mother Earth with pollutants that are killing mankind and creation, then perhaps you need to sit down, take a good look around, and think again.

Thai-Filipino Pork Sinigang on Food Porn Friday

Hot and Sour Pork Soup, Food, Filipino Recipe, Buwan ng Wika

Image Source: willflyforfood.net

Today on Food Porn Friday, we are featuring Sinigang, a Philippine hot and sour soup in a splash of creamy coconut milk. This recipe for Hot and Sour Pork Soup (Thai-Filipino Pork Sinigang) by JB Macatulad from “Will Fly for Food”,‏ is an awesome bowl of warm deliciousness.

So pull out your pork belly, chicken stock, spinach, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, fish sauce, red and green chilies, onions, tomatoes, ginger, coconut milk, calamansi juice, brown sugar, string beans, and a few other savory ingredients and then head to your kitchen and whip up some Filipino-inspired comfort food in celebration of Buwan ng Wika.

Click here for all of the ingredients and directions used for making this yummy Hot and Sour Pork Soup (Thai-Filipino Pork Sinigang) recipe. If you’ve tried or made this dish before, tell us what you think. For now, continue to enjoy your celebration of Buwan ng Wika on Food Porn Friday!

Poetry of a Drum Major

Drum Major, Poetry

Image source: greatdreams.com of Drum Major Pat Pearson of BGSU

It’s that time of the year for football season and marching band fever to kick into full swing. As the halftime shows burst with the excitement of baton twirling, music thumping, and heart-throbbing acrobatics, many eyes zero in on the memorable performance of the band’s drum major. 

Drum Major

Count it off and give me a beat
keeping time, regimented and discipline
commanding with hand gestures
calling attention with the twirl of your silver baton
the musical composition of your sparkling metal whistle
ornate uniform distinguishing you as the leader of the pack.

Crooning choreography and overall showmanship
backflips, cartwheels
and gravity-defying splits on the field
wooing the crowd and making them go wild
with your charismatic charm and confident smile
strutting your stuff like a rooster in the yard
an entertaining performance, mind-boggling and unforgettable
an unspoken challenge for the other band to top that.

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