Be the Light in the Midst of Darkness

Sunlight, Light

I am always in awe of a new day where my surroundings look familiar, yet remarkably they are never the same. The sun in all of its grandeur shines its powerful light as we look around and visibly see things throughout the day that we probably never noticed before. The Light.

Moon, Light, Night

At night around a certain cycle of the month, the phase of a full moon comes out. Amid the darkness in the absence of the sun that full moon pierces and deeply penetrates the night with its lunar luminance. No, vampires and werewolves will not torment you because it is a full moon. LOL Its brilliance mesmerizes us and makes us stop and stare at its heavenly presence. The Night Light.

But what about our atmospheric darkness, that spirit in our world where evil runs rampant leaving people swirling in a constant pit of confusion, aloofness, fear, defeat or a feeling of doom? How can we renew that sense of compassion and shepherd people into a pasture of light, life, and love? How can we be or become those encouragers who can turn gloom into gladness? How can we be that light in the midst of someone else’s darkness? How can we bring hope back and restore our faith once again? How can we project our inner light?

I noticed that more people I know are heavily medicated or diagnosed with some type of disorder I have never heard of, let alone can pronounce. People appear to be less compassionate, more polarized and tribal, at least that is what the current climate of our world seems to reveal. When will the great divide end? How do we stop negativity, deception, and evil from winning? Where is our light?

Light, Candle

During those dark and treacherous times, when it seems like we as a society have fallen into the deepest pit of despair, it is then that we can’t cave into the intimidation of darkness. We must let our light so shine that others may see our good works and glorify our Father which is in Heaven. Be that light to brighten someone’s night!


Don’t Start Your Day Off Worrying

Opportunities, Kym Gordon Moore, Positivity, Motivation, Inspiration

Do you ever have those days when you wake up and start thinking about problems that need solving before you get out of bed? You either feel a huge sense of dread or try to remind yourself to steer clear of distractions and negative thoughts before your day gets started. Sometimes I go through this thought process more than I care to admit, which is why I wrote this motivational affirmation as a reminder to look on the bright side of life, to be more than a conqueror, to make time to sit quietly, to be still and try to avoid worrying about the small stuff!

“Don’t start your day off thinking or worrying about unsolved problems from yesterday. Begin your day with a grateful heart by seeking new, undiscovered opportunities lying just ahead.”  -Kym Gordon Moore

Changing Gears

Changing Gears, Life Lessons, Manual Transmission, Automatic Driving, Gear Shift

What type of vehicle do you drive manual or automatic? While automatic is easier to navigate, manual drive vehicles require the alertness and mechanics of your body and cognitive skill sets.

Changing gears means to quickly or abruptly change what one is doing or discussing. In life, we all too often have to change gears because life is unpredictable which makes our decision-making process even more unpredictable.

When I was in high school I drove a school bus. Oh, the power of driving a 5-speed vehicle. During those days, we drove responsibly so student drivers were not an uncommon thing. I saved up my money from driving the school bus and working part-time after school, to purchase my very first car. Believe it or not, it was a 3-speed 1973 school bus gold, Ford Mustang fastback, that Lord knows I wished I had today.

For those of you who know how to drive manual drives, driving a stick shift or as some would say a gearshift, you understand the importance and dynamics of which gear you’re supposed to shift to, depending on your speed and where you are while driving.

Changing gears can force us to get out of our comfort zone by shifting our focus to engage in new and empowering experiences, thought processes, opportunities, life lessons and strategies. If you find yourself stuck in neutral, don’t stay there. Try to shift your gears to first and then gradually pick up the pace to gain more speed towards positive change, greater awareness, and insight.

Did Curiosity Really Kill The Cat?

Curiosity, Courage, Warrior

When we hear the idiom, “Curiosity killed the cat,” we think about the term used to warn someone about the danger of being nosy, snooping or prying in business or affairs where it does not belong.

Curiosity, however, is a quality related to inquisitive thinking such as exploration, investigation, and learning, which is evident by observation in humans and other animals. Curiosity is a quality in which those who enjoy the process of learning new, empowering things and continued education, possess such an insatiable and adventurous appetite within their mind, body, and spirit that we watch them soar like an eagle. C’mon, aren’t you the least bit curious?

Oh Mighty Lioness

Like a haute couture runway model on the catwalk
her prowl, deliberate, poised and with purpose
she doesn’t simply exist in the wild, she flourishes
running towards danger that makes her want to run away

her feistiness is cool, cautious and uninhibited
a warrior and hunter, swift, leaping and powerful
compassionate and protective den mother for her cubs
to ensnare her, your efforts may be futile and deadly

she is the one animal most feared by the lion
to pique her curiosity it didn’t kill the cat
it taught her how to live and survive
molding her into a mighty Lioness in the jungle!

©Kym Gordon Moore

What Part of No Do You Not Understand?

Sexual Harassment, Sexual Abuse, Harassment,

No Means No

No to making me engage in something against my will
No to submitting myself to your oppressive humiliation
No to being a slave to your salacious appetite
No to silencing me with scare tactics and intimidation
No to devaluing my self-worth for your demented pleasure
No to compromising my self-respect and weakening my sanity
No to sending my spirit into a crawl space of shame
No more will you get away with shredding my sense of dignity.
No more bullying! No more victim! Game over. I win!
– ©Kym Gordon Moore

Intolerable behavior and disrespect is not an acceptable option with a “free get out of jail card” anymore. The news of sexual harassment and sexual abuse allegations has been exploding with reports in unprecedented numbers. For centuries sexual harassment has been a swinging pendulum offenders have used to intimidate their victims to control them by silencing their voices. This is none other than the activation of that so-called “boy’s locker room talk.”

Although with greater exposure of this heinous crime, there will probably be many cases that still go unreported to authorities. This discussion is about boundaries, protection, and respect. No one is immune to these twisted offenses. Should you conduct an investigation among your family members, you may be surprised the many secrets many family members took to their graves or never talked about.

Stop, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Abuse

Image credit: Hasty Words

We can’t imagine how many people (male and female) who have fallen victim to such violation, on so many levels (school, at home, in the workplace and religious institutions) and felt they were the cause of this type of behavior. These offenders use scare tactics and the process of intimidation to control their victims/accusers. Not anymore. Those days are fading away fast.

With the help of extensive news media and social media exposure, this crime against women and men is crashing like massive tidal waves and exposing the dirty little secrets of these bullies, regardless of their prominence, position or how much their net worth is.

Don’t be shamed into silence. This is your life. It’s long overdue to flip the script on these predators and if they are truly guilty, the truth will surface, exposing who and what they really are! Oh and let’s not forget that if found guilty, just like others they may judge, if you do the crime, then you do the time!



Are You Good Enough?

Self-Awareness, Confidence, Self-Image

Image Credit: Pixaby

At some point in everyone’s life, you may ask yourself the question, “Am I Good Enough?” All too often we are whisked away into the great vortex of ”Should.” Who we SHOULD be, how we SHOULD look, what we SHOULD have, how we SHOULD think, what we SHOULD do, or whatever superficial SHOULD falls under society’s definition, entraps our spirit and sends us into some very dark places of inadequacy.

I am cheerfully reminded of the fictional character, Stuart Smalley from the television show Saturday Night Live that was created and performed by comedian, satirist and now U.S. Senator, Al Franken. His mock self-help show called “Daily Affirmations with Stuart Smalley” spawned the affirmational anthem “I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!” 

Unknowingly, we beat ourselves up trying desperately to turn the dreams of someone else into an unachievable reality for ourselves. Unfortunately, if they are not your true, authentic dreams and aspirations you are literally fighting an uphill battle that could leave you feeling defeated. This in no way negates self-improvement, it just reminds us to make our goals conducive to our life and not that of someone else.

Take a look in the mirror…a good look. What is unique about your features and overall persona? How can you positively transform yourself without trying to become someone else? “Mirror, mirror on the wall, I am good enough, imperfections and all.”

Affirmations, Kym Gordon Moore, Self-Awareness