Your Subliminal Message: DO NOT GIVE UP!

Do Not Give Up, Encouragement

Sometimes that which is highly and continuously perverse has a tendency to subdue any good intention that could pierce the unconscious or deeper mind. Years ago in one of my psychology classes, we discussed the effects subliminal psychology has on us. We don’t realize how much some subliminal messages affect our conscious mind, regardless of how brief and unconsciously perceived those messages are. Thus, this is why we must be aware of the type of unhealthy things we allow to take root and dwell in our mind and spirit.

There are far too many reoccurring cases where we find ourselves overwhelmed with life. We give up too quickly as a solution could be within our grasp, but we prematurely pull away from a possible satisfactory resolution. Could it be fer? Probbly. So today, this subliminal message is for you, the reader. If it is worth fighting for or praying over, DO NOT GIVE UP! Should you decide to throw in the towel, then make sure you have made the best judgment based on what you have to work with, and exhausted all options before you have come to a final conclusion. Stay encouraged. DO NOT GIVE UP!


Finding Beauty in Desolation


Sometimes we become too distracted by the stone cold ugliness this world throws at us, and miss the nuance of quiet beauty that blossoms, thrive and survives in the midst of desolation.BeautyBeauty, Encouragement, Optimistic

Oh Say, Can You See What’s Going On? Listen!


Fire and Ice, Fight, Clashing, Outrage, Change

Tired and outraged! When you are sick and tired of nothingness, you soon become outraged. Someone told me that ignorance, greed, violence, abuse, complacency, and bullying have become our new norm, but I am not buying that. How long are we to tolerate the seductive temptations we allowed to grow into ballistic sins? Oh, I am not preaching, just speaking from spiritual exhaustion. Something is wrong y’all and has been for quite some time now. When do we finally say enough is enough and hold the human powers that be (since they wanted these positions in the first place) accountable for ‘We the People‘ instead of ‘Me the Powerful?’

Yes, I believe the Constitution was written with good intent. The first and second Amendments, in particular, have been getting a lot of airtime over the past several years. Yet somehow we have gotten things so twisted to the point of compromising and normalizing ‘extremism,’ regardless of which Amendment we discuss. It is so refreshing to see ordinary people using their platforms to positively impact the fallen, forgotten, fragile, and forsaken. Hear us!


When I think about change, I think about hope and the act of making things better in the pursuit of happiness. The concerns that appeared to be changing, seem to have become stalemated. Why is this? Have we assumed too much without putting a true check and balance system into place and make them actionable? Are voices still being ignored or silenced because there is no followup to accountability? Does the rhetoric sound way too familiar?

The polarizing problem seems to include the lack of listening, talking, logic, equality, justice, and understanding. It continues to sadly return to the field of ‘us vs. them,’ converging on many societal fronts. Why aren’t things getting done at a much faster rate? We are in a position to demand change for the marginalized, disenfranchised and the innocent. Never underestimate the importance and impact of a single voice. We are the change agents! Much has changed but there is much that needs changing and amending. We can no longer put a bandage on a hemorrhage and expect satisfaction. It’s time to put up because the voice of repression is no longer going to sit back and shut up. People are outraged, seeking justice, and we have a legitimate reason to be.

What If Wednesday: Strengthening Humanity


Image Credit: James Childs

Civilization. What if the quality of our existence depends on how we treat people outside our tribe? Where would we be without people?

Remember humanity and reflect on how you want to be perceived and treated as a person. In our pursuit in all areas of happiness, we have the power to unite and strengthen humanity when we stop labeling, trolling, bullying and stereotyping innocent people. Simply remember the elements of decency and respect we want to receive from others and then imagine how much better uniting humanity would be for our health, our world and our spirit. What if?


What If Wednesday: The Value of People

What If Wednesday, Jewels, The Value of People

What if we valued people like we place value on precious gems and other treasures? So often, we hear the cry about not getting paid fairly or for what we think we are worth. Guess what, you will never be. We have impressive resumes and loads of experience that seem obsolete to many HR Managers in the world we currently live in. It leaves us scratching our heads in confusion about the devaluing of our accomplishments and embracing what appears to be flippant, nonchalant attitudes from the inexperienced with a poor work ethic.

As our elders live in their winter season, so many are tucked away and forgotten, because we are too busy and there are too many other more important things to attend to. Little do we realize, they hold many valuable stories and lessons that will help us to rise with grace in our technologically advanced society. When our children are curious and ask many questions, do we merely give them a smartphone or computer notepad and tell them to go somewhere because you are busy?

When we finally realize that we devalued the valuable, will it be too late?

What If Wednesday: If You Were a Tool

What If Wednesday, Tools, Hammer, Wrench, Pliers, Screwdriver

What if you had to choose what type of tool you would be and why, what would your decision be? Would you be a hammer, a wrench, a screwdriver, a saw, a clamp, a drill, a trowel, a level, a utility knife, a chisel or pliers?

I thought about this question while I was doing some repairs around the house and it was not as easy of a decision to make, as one would think. I was also reminded of the song If I Had a Hammer, sung by many performers like Pete Seeger, Trini Lopez, Sam Cooke, Peter~Paul~and Mary, and Aretha Franklin. According to online sources, “If I Had a Hammer (The Hammer Song)” was written by Pete Seeger and Lee Hays in 1949. It was written in support of the progressive movement and was first recorded by The Weavers, a folk music quartet composed of Seeger, Hays, Ronnie Gilbert, and Fred Hellerman.

What if you were a tool, which tool would you be? How useful would you be to others who needed and depended on you? What if?


I Won’t Dance with You Anymore

Dancing, Poetry, Brokenness

Sometimes our lives get so caught up in a cyclone of tragedy, despair, and brokenness that we manage to somehow hold on to it so tightly and fail to surrender. We continue to revisit the scene of the crime, smeared with the blood of agony and pain from toxic or failed relationships, financial burdens, health crises, workplace battlegrounds and other adversarial situations, hypnotizing us in a ball of confusion.

I continue to experience my share of life-changing problems that my mind says to reject, yet my heart says these are the wobbly stepping stones forming my unwavering staircase to greater blessings God is preparing for me. My dance partner was my inability to completely surrender those things which were ripping my world into shards of brokenness I didn’t think could be fixed. I realized, however, that when I am overwhelmed by those things that seem to be uncontrollable pieces of my life falling apart all at once, it is during those moments when they may be actually falling into place, once I cast my fears and anxiousness aside.

I Won’t Dance with You Anymore

Our dance was longer than I thought
we’d been dancing in the shadows of lost hope
stepping on each other’s toes in a waltz of destruction
pumping energy in swaying to a rhythm of stupor

we boogied on a crowded dance floor of fear
tap-dancing in a ballroom of anxiousness
where the gateway of catechism is barricaded
I am deftly weakened by impoverished night terrors

unable to surrender encumbering baggage
yielding to the tempest of uncertainty in the darkness
I break away from our romantic cheek to cheek foxtrot
to you my dear dance partner this relationship is over

I let time slip away into a cyclone of chaos
as calamity stole my inner sanctity of peace
a brokenness I could not put back together again
until I leaped into the arms of faith like a principal ballerina.

© Kym Gordon Moore