You Are Getting Sleeeeeeppppppy!

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Can’t think? Can’t sleep? Can’t remember?

Do you suffer from mood swings, disorientation, impaired performance, paranoia, clumsiness, hallucinations or somatic pain? Did you know that sleep deprivation can impair alertness when driving and is just as dangerous as driving under the influence of a controlled substance?

Although I’ve written about this topic a few times before, now, more than ever, we are seeing and reading about so many cases where the lack of proper sleep is becoming more problematic. Sleep deprivation affects your Circadian rhythm, decays the body and mind, causes depression, and could very well shave years off of your life.  Get to the root of your sleeping problem and solve it, because losing sleep could very well be a matter of life and death.


The Weight of Worry

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The weight of worry is too heavy of a burden to carry.

Anxiousness and worry seem to be constant daily companions that won’t let us rest. It can leave you feeling cornered, worn out and depressed. It can exhaust your mind, body, and spirit.

This is a new day, beginning a new week and month. Be present in this moment and this time, for yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised. For that which you can do nothing about, you have to dig deep within your spirit and try hard not to worry about it. Easier said than done? Yes, it is, but still try anyway.

Can You Hear Me?

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You know, it’s interesting to watch people who meet someone who is deaf suddenly get the urge to speak loud, almost shouting in some cases. Sadly, more often than not, we find that people tend to be uneasy around someone who is different from them, thus creating an atmosphere of awkwardness, exclusion, alienation, and marginalization.

I remember a community event I, along with another co-worker were assigned to do for a Springfest event in the mid-80’s. I worked for a cosmetics company in a major department store at that time and no one else in the department wanted to leave the store to participate in this assignment. The Buyer decided to “make” me and another counter manager attend the event…end of discussion. When my coworker and I found out that this presentation was for a statewide festival for deaf students, we were scared to death because we had no idea how we were going to communicate with them.

After we arrived at the location and checked in, we were taken to our area to set up for our presentation. As God would have it, there was an interpreter there for us, but we were not told that prior to our arrival. We felt a sigh of relief and commenced with our demonstrations. As it would be, these students were not any different from us. These attendees were able-bodied, normal and happy individuals, just with the inability to hear. That was it. Period.

Those students and interpreters have no idea how much they touched “our” lives, not vice versa. After we returned to work, of course, everyone wanted to know how disappointed we probably were and what a failure our presentation was. They were about as surprised as a deer in headlights when we told them we had an amazing time, plus we were invited to stay and eat lunch with the students.

Thank You in Sign Language, Deaf, Hearing Impaired

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Before we left, the one thing I asked them to show me how to sign were the words, “Thank you!” Their level of communication was far more advanced than mine. They “heard” and “listened” attentively with their hands. As I was sifting through tons of paper stored in a box one day not long ago, I found a few hand-written thank you letters from students we met that day. I sat on the floor, reread those letters and cried like a baby. It’s amazing how a simple handwritten thank you note can make you happy and humble!

This week, September 24-30, 2017 we are observing Deaf Awareness Week. Observed annually during the last full week in September, this observance is designed to focus on promoting the positive aspects of the deaf and hard of hearing (HOH) community. This commemoration helps to raise awareness about those organizations who support the deaf and to encourage social inclusion of the deaf and hard of hearing (HOH) communities.

It simply blows my mind how much those who are categorized as deaf or hearing impaired, listen far more intuitively than many of us who are categorized as normal “hearing” beings. They celebrate and have heartaches just like anybody else. They are not aliens, they are our brothers and sisters with unique skills and gifts. Instead of judging or ignoring them, we must exercise more compassion and a willingness to learn so we can better understand and discover how more alike we are than different. Do you hear me now?

Baked Honey Bacon Benedict, a Buzzworthy Delight during National Honey Month

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Awww…honey! What a fabulous time to promote honey as a natural and beneficial sweetener, bee culture, as well as spotlighting the beekeeping industry. September is National Honey Month and a perfect time to celebrate HONEY and the health benefits that come with it!

From the kitchen of the National Honey Board, we are featuring this buzz-worthy recipe, Baked Honey Bacon Benedict. What a honey-licious way to start your day!


YIELD: Serves 6-8
4 tablespoons butter
1 package English muffins split
1 lb. thick bacon
1/4 cup honey
1 dozen eggs
Salt and pepper to taste
For Hollandaise:
2 packages hollandaise sauce
2 cups 2% milk
1 stick butter
Fresh parsley or chives and paprika for garnish

Preheat oven to 350°

Spread each muffin half with butter and bake for 10 minutes on a sheet pan, set aside.

Spread the bacon out on a parchment lined sheet pan and drizzle with the honey. Bake for 20-25 minutes turning once. Remove each piece of bacon to a cooling rack to drain and cool. Cut each piece of bacon in half.

Prepare the hollandaise sauce according to the package directions and keep warm.

Place the muffin halves on a sheet pan and evenly divide the bacon over each muffin. Gently break one egg over each muffin half and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Bake for 12-15 minutes or until the eggs a cooked to your preference.

Serves immediately topped with warm hollandaise and garnished with fresh herbs and a sprinkle of paprika.

Tip: You can use the traditional method of poaching the eggs if you prefer, but this method of baking the eggs is much easier and great for entertaining.

Happy #NationalHoneyMonth on #FoodPornFriday

What Can You Improve Today?

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Try something new! That’s right. Right now!

Let’s face it, those 2017 New Year’s Resolutions that were made on January 1st are pretty much in the wind at this point. Why? Because of commitment to set those resolutions in motion. Did you plan on losing weight? Devoting more time to improving yourself? Exercising more? Eating better? Reading more books? Devoting more time to learning something new? Had you planned to travel more? What about designating more leisure time for family?

Self-Improvement, Self Awareness

Although this month we are observing National Self Improvement Month and International Self-Awareness Month, this does not mean you should only do something self-improving throughout the month of September. Nope! You should do something to improve your life and make a difference in the life of others every day, even if you are seeking more leisure time for yourself. You can find a laundry list of suggestions everywhere on self-improvement tips, but what are the best tips that are doable and more applicable to your lifestyle? What can you do to add more value to your life? What can you do to add more joy, love, and peace in your life? What can be done to fulfill your well-roundedness? Through your self-improvement practices, how can you contribute to making the lives of others better?

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Well, as you are fully well aware of, the clock is still ticking and it certainly will not pause just because you want it to. What are you waiting for? What can you say you did, to make positive changes for a better and more productive ‘you’ that will inspire those who enter your space?


I’ll Wait For The Next Available Table Please

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I didn’t think I had this problem, but obviously, I didn’t realize how much of a germaphobe I was. I didn’t pay a lot of attention to this fear in the past when asking the hostess not to be seated at a table that was located near the public restrooms. Even when the restaurant was super crowded and I was super hungry and had been waiting for a super long time to be seated, I opted to wait for the next available table that was as far away from the restrooms as possible.

Now, I am not a snob, but I guess I have an extremely vivid imagination when it comes down to those imaginary monsters I envision rising from toilets, sinks, and vents like from a scene in Ghostbusters. As I delved into my condition a little more, I found out that public restroom phobias really exist. So for me, sitting near or in view of the public restrooms at a restaurant is a definite appetite killer. How persnickety can you be when you are on a long awaited date night with a famished husband? Geez!

Staying on Track

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After going in for my annual checkup a few years ago, it only took the sudden shock of hearing how much I weighed to say “Whoaaaaaaa Nellie!” I believe that news alone made my blood pressure go up, which the nurse took afterward mind you. Now while my weight was not out of control, it was more than I have ever weighed in my life. For several years I used a pedometer to get at least 10,000 steps in a day to stay active, a little bit anyway. Last year, one of my best friends, who is an exercise buff wanted me to use the same type of activity tracker that she used so that we could be each other’s accountability partner. 

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Ahhhhh….so I lost the pedometer and started using my Fitbit Alta activity tracker. I didn’t need anything ultra sophisticated, but this Fitbit Alta helps me track so much stuff like my daily steps, the number of miles walked, calories burned, active minutes performed and how many hours I slept! Yep, you won’t believe how much vital information it provided that only got me hyped up even more.

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Did you know that walking 10,000 steps per day can help to reduce the rate of type 2 diabetes by 50% and can reduce stroke rates by 70%? The older we get sometimes makes staying focused, active and proactive about our health and wellness a little challenging. All too often, poor eating habits, the lack of consistent exercising along with a little-added stress on top of that can affect our motivation.

Fitbit Alta, Exercising, cycling, activity trackers, wireless-enabled wearable technology devices

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Improve your health, energy, attitude, and productivity by walking, running, swimming, cycling, yoga, or Zumba. Don’t allow inactivity, excessive weight gain, and lifestyle traps make you sink into the evils of health related issues. Take charge and do something. Don’t just sit there and allow time to rob you of your good health and wellness.

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Fitbit is my new hassle free way of turning health and wellness into an entertaining and accountable mission. If you don’t have an activity tracker or pedometer, at least make a commitment to do some type of physical activity each day for at least for ten minutes and drink plenty of water, especially right after you get up in the morning. You can’t imagine how energized and focused you will feel, just by making a few simple changes in your life, like eating better.