Chariot of Poinsettias on National Poinsettia Day

National Poinsettia Day, Poinsettia, Christmas Flower

What do you think about when you see a poinsettia? When a poinsettia captures my attention I naturally think about the festive burst of nostalgia and celebration this flowering plant brings during the holidays. Although there are over 100 species and many in other colors, we typically recognize the traditional blood red color of its flower that graces many homes during this time of the year. To commemorate the celebration of this beautiful flowering plant, today I pause to spotlight National Poinsettia Day!

Great Poinsettia

oh beautiful plant
flower of the Holy Night
festive at Christmas

©Kym Gordon Moore

National Poinsettia Day, Christmas Flower, Poinsettia

National Poinsettia Day, Christmas Flower

Poinsettia, Christmas Flower


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National Poinsettia Day, Christmas Flower


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Poinsettias, Christmas Flower

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Poinsettia, Christmas Flower


Poetry and Art in the Dance of A Jellyfish

JellyFish, swimming

I find jellyfish to be delicate, tranquil and mesmerizing marine creatures. They are unique and invoke a childlike curiosity in all of us. Although there are about 200 known species of these alien looking aquatic animals, they are considered to be one of the oldest surviving species among marine creatures. Their quiet beauty amazes me so.

Jellyfish, Marine Life

Dance of a Jellyfish

Oh the placid dance of a jellyfish

resembling a maritime ballerina in transparent costumes

trailing tentacles like floating tissue paper

its pulsating bell festive as a Mardi Gras parasol

though gelatinous and fluid, it is not a fish

but a luminous, artistic invertebrate

be cautious of its venomous and painful sting

the fluorescent defense of this nautical swimmer.

© Kym Gordon Moore

Jellyfish, Marine Life

Jellyfish, Marine Life

Jellyfish, Marine Life

Jellyfish, Marine Life

Jellyfish, Marine Life

Jellyfish, Marine Life

Jellyfish, Marine Life

Jellyfish, Marine Life

jellyfish, marine life

Jellyfish, Marine Life

Jellyfish, Marine Life

Thankful for a Cloudy Day

Thanksgiving, Kym Gordon Moore

I know that saying I am grateful for a cloudy day may sound like an oxymoron, but it is not. Last week I got up before the sun rose, and began my day by first acknowledging how grateful I was just to see a new day. After putting on a pot of coffee to brew I proceeded to begin meditating for a few minutes. As I opened the blinds to my window that faces eastward, I looked up and had to stop, not pause, but stop.

Sky, Thanksgiving, From Behind the Pen

The sky was cloudy and the sun hadn’t peeked over the horizon yet but its illumination was evident. I was so moved by the beauty of the clouds and how distinct the clouds were painted with shades of banana cream, lemon yellow, sultry gray and Earl blue hues against a partially marine blue sky. Although these photos do not give the actual view it’s due justice, I thought it was a breathtaking sight.

Gratitude, Sky, Thanksgiving

When you begin your day by looking upward at the hope that exists in the heavens above, a sense of peace floods your spirit. I embraced this moment by standing on my deck amid a cool autumn morning gazing up at this watercolored sky of tranquility. What a moving and powerful statement of gratitude in silence on a cloudy morning.

Harvest Moon Light Poetry

Harvest Moon, Lunar, Moon

Image Credit: Pixaby

This year has been a historically exciting year of astronomical events around the world. From the Comet 45P/HMP in February to the Lyrids meteor shower in April to the Total Solar Eclipse in August, there is no doubt a great deal of galactic activity constantly going on above us, whether we are aware of them or not.

Get ready stargazers because tonight you get to witness the Harvest Moon. Although it most commonly appears in September, this is the closest full moon to the autumn equinox appearing tonight. It is traditionally known as the Harvest Moon because it gave farmers more light and time to gather their crops for the winter. So grab those binoculars and telescopes and drink in the grand mystique of tonight’s Harvest Moon! Of course, many of the moon’s surface features are also noticeably visible.

Harvest Moon Light

Look up, can you see it
ascending majestically on the eastern horizon
as the sun descends in the western sky
the crown of a perfect lunar sphere rises
an orange radiance illuminating in the twilight
I want to mount on a hill and sing passionately
like the lovesick harmony of a wolf’s howl
the light of the night, shine on Harvest Moon.
– ©Kym Gordon Moore

Poetry of a Total Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse, Corona, Eclipse, Total solar eclipse

Image Credit: Piotr Siedlecki

What a historic moment in time and timing. Today, August 21, 2017, Americans will be able to see the first total solar eclipse across the country since 1918. Experiencing a total solar eclipse where you live happens about once in 375 years, according to NASA.

Don’t forget to protect your eyes with special solar eclipse glasses, before viewing this spectacular sight.

Circles of Perfection in an Ecliptic Dance

Suddenly the daytime sky darkens
as the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth
the fiery day star completely obscured
by a silhouette of the lunar celestial body
perfect circles aligned in orbit
a slow dance in the shadows of day
corona brilliantly radiating an angular glow
within moments this three-dimensional dance is over.

©Kym Gordon Moore

Poetry of A Summer Twilight Clear

Summertime, Poetry, Full Moon

Image Credit: Sheila Brown

As summer winds down and as the days shorten, if you live in an area where nature sings it’s daily and evening songs, you can’t help it when you are moved to momentary silence. It’s such a beautiful thing.

A Summer Twilight Clear

It came upon a summer twilight clear
I sit, surrounded by peace surpassing all understanding
I watched the birds retreat to their treetops
as a rambunctious squirrel scurried for his last evening acorn
strobing fireflies sparkled momentarily aglow
I looked upward towards the south eastern sky
and saw the face of the moon smiling in full brilliance
I smiled back and whispered all is well with my soul.

© Kym Gordon Moore